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Научни приноси на ас. Росен Николов
Дипломна работа
Росен Асенов Николов, „Изоморфност между ядрени пространства със свойствата (DN) и (Ω) и допълняеми подпространства на s“., ФМИ - СУ, Ръководител:проф. Пламен Джаков 1983
Друго (научно-популярни и др. под.)
Росен Асенов Николов, Върху една задача от студентската олимпиада, Математика плюс, 2006
Статия в научно списание
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3 G. Balikov, R. Nikolov, Some special spaces of analytic functions, C.R.Acad.Bul.Sci, vol:49, issue:9-10, 1996 1996
4 R. Nikolov, Approximation with algebras of smooth functions, Bull. of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Mathematics, vol:40, issue:1, 1992 1992
Статия в сборник (на конференция и др.)
1 Konstantinov, O., Kovatcheva, E., Fol, V., Nikolov, R., Discover the thracians - An approach for use of 2D and 3D technologies for digitization of cultural heritage in the field of e-learning, Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage, editor/s:Pavlov R., Stanchev P., Publisher:Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, 2017, pages:167-171, ISSN (print):1314-4006, ISSN (online):2535-0366, Ref, др.(VINITI) 2017
2 O. Konstantinov, E. Kovatcheva, R. Nikolov, Cultural Heritage Education - The Role of ICT In: Modern Information Society Formation: Problems, Perspectives, Innovation Approaches, V International Conference UNESCO Chairs Partnership on ICTs use in Education, 2015, ISBN:978-5-8088-1002-0 2015