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Научни приноси на Милен Чечев
Научен проект
1 Milen Chechev, EU FP7 Project INSEMTIVES - Incentives for semantics, Член, 2012
2 Milen Chechev, EU FP7 Project MOLTO - Multilingual Online Translation, Член, 2011
3 Milen Chechev, EU FP7 Project Share.TEC - Sharing Digital Resources in the Teaching Education Community, Член, 2009
4 Milen Chechev, Smartbook, Член, 2008
Научно ръководство
1 Милен Чечев, Препоръчваща система в социалната мрежа на Twitter, ФМИ дипломна работа:Петко Георгиев 2012
2 Милен Чечев, Откриване на зависимости в данни, променящи се във времето.Отправяне на музикална препоръка. , ФМИ дипломна работа:Радостина Богданова 2011
3 Милен Чечев, Триизмерна видео игра за персонален компютър и игрална конзола Xbox 360, ФМИ дипломна работа:Орлин Георгиев 2010
Статия в научно списание
1 Milen Chechev, Recommender approaches in the social network, Computer Science and Technologies Journal, TU Varna, 2012 2012
2 Pavel Boychev, Alexander Grigorov, I. Sarti, Krasen Stefanov, Milen Chechev, Recommender systems and repository search: The SHARE.TEC proposal, E-learning Journal Sofia University, 2010 2010
Статия в сборник (на конференция и др.)
1 Valentin Zmiycharov, Milen Chechev, Gergana Lazarova, Todor Tsonkov, Ivan Koychev, A Comparative Study on Abstractive and Extractive Approaches In Summarization of European Legislation Documents, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE RECENT ADVANCES IN NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING, Publisher:ACL, 2021, pages:1649-1655, ISSN (print):1313-8502, ISSN (online):2603-2813, ISBN: 978-954-452-072-4, Ref, IR , SCOPUS, SJR (0.316 - 2021), PhD 2021
2 Gergana Lazarova, Milen Chechev, Ivan Koychev, A Multi-View Learning Algorithm, Proceedings of the National Conference on "Education and Research in the Information Society", Plovdiv, May, 2014, 131p-139p, Publisher:Institute of Mathematics and Informatics Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Association for the Development of the Information Society, 2014, Ref, PhD 2014
3 Milen Chechev, Ivan Koychev, Social News Feed Recommender, Proc. of the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Modelling & Simulation , editor/s:Gennady Agre and..., Publisher:Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Springer, 2014, Ref, SCOPUS, SJR (0.28 - 2018), SCOPUS Quartile: Q2 (CS), PhD 2014
4 Milen Chechev, Ivan Koychev, Recommendations in social networks: an extra feature or an essential need, Proceedings of MIE 2013, Publisher:FMI-SU, 2013, PhD 2013
5 Milen Chechev, Petko Georgiev, A multi-view content-based user recommendation scheme for following users in Twitter, SocInfo 2012, 2012, pages:434-447, MSc 2012
6 Milen Chechev, Aarne Ranta, Mariana Damova, Ramona Enache, Grammar ontology interoperability, FP7 MOLTO project deliverables, 2012 2012
7 Milen Chechev, Meritxell Gonzàlez, Lluís Màrquez, Cristina España-Bonet, The Patents Retrieval Prototype in the MOLTO project, Proceedings of WWW'2012, 2012 2012
8 Danna Dannells, Mariana Damova, Ramona Enache, Milen Chechev, An Infrastructure for Integrating and Accessing Museum Linked Data, Proceedings of Workshop Language Technologies for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage, 2011 2011
9 Milen Chechev, Recommender systems challenges.KDD Cup 2011, Days of the Science V.Turnovo, 2011 2011
10 Milen Chechev, M.Sjöberg, M. Koskela, J. Laaksonen, PicSOM experiments in TRECVID 2010, Proceedings of the TRECVID 2010 Workshop, 2010 2010
11 Milen Chechev, Ivan Koychev, Social Reading and Book Sharing Envoronment, Proceedings of Int. Conference S3T’10, 2010, Ref, PhD 2010