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Научни приноси на ас. Ралица Цекова
Научен проект
1 Ралица Цекова, Implementation and use of new methods and approaches in the training of young researchers in the field of biophysics in order to increase their competitiveness and skills in applied fields such as agriculture, ecology and medicine , Член, 2010
2 Ралица Цекова, Increasing the impact of Central-Eastern European environment research results through more effective dissemination and exploitation, Coordinator: Agnes Szmolenszky, Hungarian Science and Technology Foundation, Член, 2010
3 Ралица Цекова, Biological assessment of the effects of uranium mining in the area of deposit Senokos: a model for biological montoring of territories affected by uranium mining, Член, 2009
4 Ралица Цекова, Obtaining proteins from activated sludge and their characterization to be used as a food supplement for livestock, Член, 2009
Статия в научно списание
1 T. Milutinovic, R.Tsekova, J. Milanovic, M. Stojanovic, Distribution, biogeographical significance and status of Lumbricus meliboeus Rosa, 1884 (Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae) at the European scale: first findings in Serbia and in Bulgaria; , North-Western Journal of Zoology, Oradea, Romania, том:9(1): art.131801, 2013, Ref 2013
2 M. Stojanovic, Ralitsa Tsekova, T. Milutinovic, Earthworms (Oligochaeta: Lumbricidae) of Bulgaria:Diversity and Biogeographical Review, Acta zoologica bulgarica, 2012, Ref, Web of Science, в сътрудничество с чуждестранни учени 2012
3 Ralitsa Tsekova, V.Bogoev, Bioaccumulation of Cs, Ra, Pb and U in Tissues of the Terrestrial Invertebrates (Lumbricidae and Julidae) Collected From Liquidated Uranium Mine, Natura Montenegrina, 2010, Ref 2010
4 V.Bogoev, A. Kenarova, R. Tzonev, Ralitsa Tsekova, T. Stoyanova, S. Boteva, I Traykov, N. Parleva, Natural Communities of Uranium Mining Impacted Area in the Vicinity of the Senokos Village, Biotechnol.&Biotechnol, 2010, Ref, PhD 2010
Статия в сборник (на конференция и др.)
Ralitsa Tsekova, Tanja Milutinovic, Seasonal changes of Lumbricidae (Oligochaeta) in the North-Western part of Pirin Mountain, Youth Conference 2011 Book of Abstracts, 2011, в сътрудничество с чуждестранни учени 2011
Участие в конференция
1 Секционен доклад, Ралица Цекова, The Earthworm Species Composition in the Boyana Lake surroundings (Vitosha Mountain) 2014
2 Секционен доклад, Ралица Цекова, The Earthworm Species Composition in the Boyana Lake surroundings (Vitosha Mountain) 2014